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Our Mission Statement

“Promote the highest ideals of sportsmanship, citizenship and loyalty, thereby cultivating strength of character and self discipline”.

Bacchus Marsh Pony Club Inc. was formed in 1968 and has a current membership of approx. 30

Pony Club is a youth movement which encourages young people to ride and learn to enjoy all approved kinds of sport connected with horses, riding and the correct care of horses. Instructors and helpers are primarily youth leaders working with young people with a common interest “horses”.


The focus of “Pony Club” and of great significance is

  • The safety of the member

  • The comfort of the horse

  • The enjoyment of the rider

  • The progress of the rider

At BMPC we have two streams of membership, riders with horses (general members) and a small group of young riders without horses.

The Club is run by a committee of volunteers who are elected each year at the AGM in March.


Bacchus Marsh Pony Club (BMPC) is an affiliated member of the Pony Club Victoria, and as such the club is bound by PCV’s:  Code of Conduct, Rules, Regulations, Policies and Syllabus of Instruction.


For more information on PCAV please click on the link below to visit their website.


Membership of the PCV provides access to all appropriate PCV activities; permits members to compete at state events and provides insurance cover for members.


Bacchus Marsh Pony Club is in Barwon Zone

Each Zone has a Zone Representative (Jan Calaby), the Zone Rep. represents all the clubs in Barwon Zone on State Council, attends State Competitions and other State Activities/Meetings.  The Zone Rep. provides advice and guidance to clubs and ensures that the Zone, Clubs and Club Members within their Zone operate in accordance with all current PCV rules and by-laws.  The Zone Rep oversees Zone and Club Competitions, endorses entries/nominations of club members for all state, interstate and national events.

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