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Membership has now been capped, which means that if you wish to become a new member you must first apply for membership to the Committee and when there is a vacancy, you will then be notified.

Any current riding members that miss three (3) consecutive rallies without explanation may have their membership reviewed by the committee.  

Anyone wishing to become a member of BMPC must complete an application to join (download here) as well as a medical form (download here) and send it to the District Commissioner, for consideration at the next Committee meeting. If a membership position is available you will be notified before the next Rally. Application fee is $40 with information pack.

All current riding members are covered by PCAV insurance while riding at Rallies, and any Pony Club events. However recent changes to PCAV insurance mean that no persons under 5 or over 80 years old are covered by any level of PCAV insurance (riding or helping). Therefore BMPC now has a policy that all riding members must be 5 years old or over.

Any BMPC member may use the BMPC facilities at the Bacchus Marsh Racecourse. Members are able to gain access to the grounds by contacting members of the Committee and organising to pick up and return the gate key.

BMPC members are reminded that riders can come and use the grounds at any time except when the grounds are exclusively booked, but must not get in the way of other user groups that have booked to use the facilities at the Racecourse, eg. Poultry Club, Trotting Club and Camp Drafters.

Any riders wanting to have private paid lessons using the Pony Club grounds and facilities must contact the Committee and have activities passed through a Committee meeting for insurance reasons.


Well meaning parents are often the cause of stress and tension for the rider and instructor. Parents are often too keen to see their child progress and in doing so, may actually impede the child’s ability to learn. The objectivity of an instructor, without parental assistance, is usually the best method of helping your child.

Parents are not permitted to coach riders from the sidelines. This is firstly for safety reasons – a distraction can be the biggest cause of mishaps. Secondly, as a courtesy to the instructor. The instructor is in control of what is happening in the session and may have a lesson plan or an approach that may differ to the parent.  This can be a new learning experience or point of view for the rider to consider.

At least one parent must remain in attendance with the child at Club Rallies or events.  Where the parent is not able to attend, a nominated consenting guardian or helper can be in attendance.