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ABOUT US            
Bacchus Marsh Pony Club Inc. (BMPC) is part of the Pony Club Association of Victoria (P.C.A.V.), which comprises of over 8,000 members in 200 clubs, which are divided into 10 geographical regions called ‘zones’. Bacchus Marsh is part of the Barwon Zone. The Pony Club organisation is world wide and affiliated with the Equestrian Federation of Australia (EFA) and the British Horse Society.

We are situated at the Bacchus Marsh Racecourse Reserve, Balliang/Bacchus Marsh Road, Bacchus Marsh (click on map)

The Bacchus Marsh Pony Club is a  youth organisations with members predominantly between the ages of 5 years and 25 years old, sharing a common interest in horses. We aim to:

  • Encourage youth to ride
  • Enjoy a variety of equestrian sports and activities
  • Provide instruction in horsemanship and horsemastership
  • Teach the proper care of horses.

Attendance at  BMPC is made available through a Club Rally. A Rally is held once a month at the Racecourse and Pony Club members come together to ride their horses and participate in a variety of activities.


There are many details that need to be organised to have a successful running club. Whilst there is a Committee, the co-operation of both parents and riders is required, to ensure the Club’s overall success.

Our uniform is:

  • White shirt with collar (long or short sleeve) 
  • Pony Club tie (may be removed in summer)
  • ‘V’ neck light brown Pony Club jumper (may be removed in summer)
  • Bone/banana jodhpurs (dark brown jodhpurs are permissible at Rally Days only)
  • Pony Club badge
  • Medical armband (compulsory) – must be worn at Rallies, competitions and other activities.
All Pony Clubs appoint a District Commissioner (DC) and they are responsible to the Committee, the Barwon Zone and PCAV.

A DC’s role is to:

  • Organise Rallies
  • Co-ordinate the riding Instruction for Riders
  • Oversee Club Discipline and observance of PCAV rules
  • Oversee the general running of the Club and it’s activities.


In running a club it is hard to please everyone all the time. Whilst the DC and the Committee do their utmost to maintain complete satisfaction, we also recognise that this does not always occur. If you find yourself in such a position, for the sake of maintaining harmony, we would encourage you to discuss your concerns directly with the DC and refrain from ‘talking around’ any problems as this only breeds dissatisfaction and undermines the efforts of the Club unnecessarily. If after a discussion with the DC, you are not satisfied, then feel free to direct your concerns to the Committee in writing. Failing a satisfactory result, an independent grievance officer may be appointed.